Gyro Hand Exerciser

The Gyro Hand Exerciser works by utilizing the power of gyroscopic motion to provide resistance. As the inner gyroscope accelerates the resistance increases. With up to 12.000 RPM – it can quickly become a challenging beast to control…The gyroscope hand exerciser is great for strengthening the entire arm from hand grip, wrist, forearm upper arm, and shoulders.




  • Can reach up to 12.000 RPM.
  • Includes an onboard computer with LED screen that monitors the RPM and keeps your RPM record.
  • Internal LED bulbs indicate that the ball is in motion.
  • Includes a pull-string for a simple start.


  • Material: PC + PP
  • Available in Colors: Red/Blue/Purple/Green/Yellow
  • Size: 7.3 * 6.1cm/ 2.9 * 2.4in(D * H)
  • Weight: 272g/ 9.6oz
Additional information

Additional information


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White