EMS Body Toner – Abdominal And Arms Trainer

EMS Body Toner device for home use. Made from high-quality Polyurethane(PU) that prevents skin irritation. The Adhesive gel pad maintains it's “Sticky” property for a long time and is easily cleanable. You can choose from 6 different training modes with various intensity settings. The device automatically shuts down after 12 minutes to prevent excessive stimulation.



  • Made from non-toxic high-quality Polyurethane(PU).
  • Enhance muscle output.
  • Tone your body and strengthen your muscle with minimum effort.
  • Implements advanced EMS technology, scientifically proven.
  • Zero risks for injuries.
  • 6 operation modes.
  • The patch is made from adhesive gel – easily cleanable.

Package Included:

  • 3 x Stimulator
  • 2 x Abdominal Patch (19 x 17cm /7.4  x 6.6 in).
  • 4 x Shoulder Sticker (20 x 7cm/ 7.8 x 2.7 in).
  • 1 x English Manual